Thursday, December 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Judson!!!

Yesterday Judson officially became a handful!
Happy 5th Birthday buddy :)
Some birthday highlights…

Yummy Cake
Pre-Birthday Cake on Tuesday night
(opps I though we had this was his 4+1 birthday)

Good Morning!!!!!
We filled up lots of balloons and then woke the birthday boy
(and Nat and Tucker)
up early so daddy could see them before he left for work.
Judson was SUPER happy to be 5! can you tell???

And what a birthday treat...
How cool is it that Disney on Ice was in Albany
on Judson's Birthday!?!?

Tinkerbell joined us for the show.

The show was really neat, but long. So we snuck out a bit early and got out of the parking garage before everyone else. Getting to and from the Times Union Center was easier then we thought that it would be.

We are really having a hard time believing that its been
5 years since Judson was born!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Weekend Fun!

While Natalie was taking a nap at Grams house and Judson was having some Tammy Yellow time Tucker and I were able to help good friends celebrate their son's first birthday.
Happy 1st Birthday Little Prince!
Once we were all back home Judd and Nat were excited to find goodie bags for them too. And what a fun treat! The birthday boy's mommy made all the kids handmade cloth napkins. We have been using cloth napkins in our kitchen for years but I never thought to make special ones for the kiddos. Judson help set the table last night and put the new napkins to work.

And what a fun dinner we had. Tammy Yellow joined us and she helped the kids make a yummy salad. I was impressed to see Natalie trying all the veggies, although she was really more interested in the dressing.

Hope that you all had a nice weekend too!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Our first blog :)

Hello Family and Friends!!!
This bunch of Wohlleb's are jumping on the blog-wagon
or in our case I should say the blog-train!
Look at Tucker! He will be 9 months old tomorrow, on Tuesday he weighed in at 21lbs 4 ozs. The smallest of our Wohlleb's at the 9 month mark. Tucker is crawling and pulling himself up, we have a good feeling that he will be cruzing soon. He really wants to chase after Judd and Nat!