Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ballerina Natalie

We now have new plans for Thursdays, Natalie has begun taking Baby Ballet classes. After watching all the episodes of Angelina Ballerina and dancing all around the house in tutu’s we decided that Nat was ready for the real thing. Baby Ballet is a 3 year old class, although since Natalie is so tall you would know that she is so much younger.

Natalie was very excited to go to “Ballet School” and she did so well! Listening to her teacher for the 30 minute class, trying her best at everything they told her to do and she stayed focused the entire time.

Parents get to watch the class through a two way mirror so these pictures are not the best but they do give you a peek at Natalie’s practice.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Sneak Peak!

~Yesterday we were lucky {so very very lucky} to have the kids do a photoshoot with Laranda.

~Laranda can make my cute kids, even cuter! She is that fabulous and I am one very lucky momma!!! 

~Visit Laranda at

~We love Laranda xoxo Thank You!!!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Natalie goes to preschool

Natalie has been looking forward to going to pre-school with Miss Heidi. Today was {finally} her first day. 
Even with boo-boo's on her face she still looks so cute :)

Nat was very excited to wear her apple dress :)

Nat went right into school excited to meet her new friends and see Miss. Heidi. Miss. Heidi said that Natalie did great today.

In September the kids are working on the color orange, the number one and for a shape, the circle.

We are so proud of you Natty Lou!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Judd's 1st day of School

Today was a very special day! A day that Judson has been counting down for excitedly and that mom has been dreading. Today was Judson's first day of Kindergarten. I am very happy and proud of my little guy, he was so brave and did so well at school.

Nat and Tucker waited with their big brother for the school bus to arrive.

And off Judd went, he didn't look back or act scared in anyway, this boy was ready to go to school!

Nat, Tucker and I then surprised Judd by meeting him at the school. We walked Judd to his classroom, although he would have made it there on his own. Daddy and Judson made a map last night. Judson and his new friend Logan used the map and got there safe and sound.

Judd had no problem putting his bag in his cubby and finding his desk. Natalie took a seat right next to him and was disappointed when I told her we were leaving. Nat sulked the whole way back to the van. When we got home she realized with Judd at school that Tucker was all her's.

Tucker didn't seem to mind that Judd went to school. He was happy because he still had his goats to hang out with. Tucker loves his goats! Tucker also loved seeing all the school buses.

The day flew by! I kept wondering what Judson was doing and if he was having fun.Soon enough though the bus brought Judson back home!

Judson was full of smiles and said that school was great. He told me about playtime and picking up, he said that gym class was fun (in Salem they have gym everyday), Judd met new friends but he isn’t all that good with names. It seems like Mrs. Keys' classroom is a fun place to spend the day!

In Judd's backpack I actually found everything that I sent him to school with. His lunch box, snack bags and sweatshirt were all there. We had troubles this summer with bringing everything home from camp. And what else was in his backpack?!?!?! A book order. I LOVE book orders!!! Kindergarten is going to be great!


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Today was a road trip sort of day.

Uncle Dent has a way of always forgetting something when he comes to visit. Last week he forgot his camera and I was afraid to mail it to him. So since he didn't want to give it to me I decide that I would take a trip down south and trade it for some Trader Joe's goodies :) Coffee!!!! Got my hook up just in time to because I used the last of what I had yesterday. Gesh, last was a close one! Well we met Uncle Dent at the Yankee Candle Flagship store in South Deerfield, MA. I love it there it's so pretty. We had a picnic lunch in the shade it was hot today! I got to run into Yankee Candle {by myself!!!} and I found 2 soy jar candles for $5 each, awesome. I have one burning now :) I didn't to take any pics though, boooo and I even had my camera with me.

I did get some great pics on the way home! We made a stop on Rt 9 in Vermont. I don't know what town it was, close to Willmington, according to Judd it was the top of earth. So pretty up there! A nice man took a pic of me and the kids. (note to self, my kids are afraid of strangers so they cling right to me and stand still for the picture. Perfect!) It was a beautiful day in New England, I hope that we can take this ride again in a month or so to see all the beautiful fall leaves.

Hope that you all had a great day too!!!
Tucker liked seeing the car go by :)