Monday, August 30, 2010

NH-Soccer game and Myles

On the way to NH we learned that Tucker and Natalie LOVE popcorn. Judson stuck with his favorite, goldfish.

In NH, we attended the 4th Annual Mikey Williams Alumni Soccer Game. There was a large turnout for the game this year. So nice to see the love and support and to honor a great guy!!! We miss you Mikey!!!

Tucker is 4 days older than Mikayla. She started out alot smaller than him but caught right up! Good thing we don't live closer I could see these two getting in lots of trouble together ;)

Natalie and Tucker played with their first soda. I don't think that they really drank any of the soda but Natalie loved that she had something her brother wanted. Go figure!
After the game we headed over to Lyman to see some family.
Look how big (and blonde) Myles is!
Like his bib? You can get one here at Factory Free

While Grandma and Grandpa brought Judson and Natalie to the Ben & Jerry's factory, Tucker and Myles got some playtime on a very rainy day. The boys played together well and even took naps at the same time so that Jodi and I could relax ;)

Visit from Uncle Dent

Of course the kids were excited to see Uncle Dent. Who wouldn't love a uncle that shows up with bags of M&M's and takes you to the playground and out for ice cream?!?!?!?

Apple Picking

While Russ and Uncle Chris were working the kids and I raided Uncle Chris' and Tammy Yellow's apple trees. Our kids get a little {actually super-duper} excited to play with Tammy Yellow. While apple picking Tucker had a great time with the chickens, he sure is a little farmer boy! Natalie ate many apples while picking, Judd ate none and Tucker thought that it was great to throw the apples. Apple picking was followed by a walk in the woods, a dance party(where we learned that Natalie loves So You Think You Can Dance) and Pizza for dinner. It was a fun night. I am super giddy over all the apples. I love fall and everything to do with it, except that it is followed by winter. I know that it is not fall yet, but with some cooler days and all this back to school chit chat it sure is feeling fall-ish.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fair 2010

As always I take to many pictures and get to busy to blog. So family and friends I will catch up soon, the meantime. Here are some pics from the Washington County Fair, where I actually didn't take too many pics :)

Natalie checking out the "ewwww yucky yucky poo"
I love seeing the momma and her piglets at the fair every year.
Even though Tucker doesn't look it, all 3 kids were super excited to eat pancakes at the fair.

We watched the lawn mower tractor pulls. Doesn't Natalie look pretty in her shirt. It's made by

Judson found the train, no surprise there :)

Take a look at this display from the 4-H building. I am so making one of these!!!

Our Tucker was happy that there was a goat named Tucker,
seeing that our Tucker loves goats and sometimes thinks that he is one.

It was a great visit to the fair.
Oh I can't forget to mention the delicious maple ice cream!!!!
We found that noontime on a Wednesday is the perfect time, not crowed at all!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

{Pretty} Onion Bag

I needed a breathable {pretty} place to put a bunch of onions from the garden. Last year I had then in a basket in the basement, but I forgot about them. So this year I wanted to store them right in my {awesome} pantry. Last winter Russ updated our pantry with lots of shelves and hooks. It’s perfect and a perfect place for some onions.

I made this onion bag from burlap and nylon netting. Ribbon and button help make it sassy. I’m pretty stinkin’ proud of it, and hopefully my onions won’t be stinkin’ like last year!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

mud...not the dog

Gram showed up with a present today...
even though it's mine and Russ' 8 year anniversary the gift was for the kids. That's okay, no hard feelings ;) they are a product of this marriage, lol. And you know what??? when the kids aren't watching I am so making a mud pie!

Chalkboard fun!

I made the kids these fun chalkboard placemats. This one is Judson's (no surprise there). He is a very good artist! After making this one I discovered that sidewalk chalk works much better on them. If I were super awesome I would make a ton of these and put them on etsy. Instead I am going to go shred zucchini and then dice onions.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

July 2010 in review