Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Wyatt!!!!

One of our favorite people turns 2 tomorrow. We really enjoyed his Dr.Suess Birthday Party. His mommy was super creative {of course!} and came up with great decorations and games. My 3 little piggies dressed for the occasion.
Nat's dress is made by... Southern Sass Boutique we love her dresses!
{Tucker tip a table over and gave himself a bloody nose and black eye
as we were leaving for the party. oye!}
And being crafty myself I had to make Wyatt something super great for a gift...
Here it is... a hooded monster towel! I love the way it came out and as you can see Wy loved it too!

{All pics by Wyatt's mommy}
Thank you for a great party!!!

Snow Day!!!!

Today was Judd's first snow day!
I think that I was more excited than he was :)
Russ was also off today so we had a perfect family day!
Can you find our goats???

Happy kids!!! Happy Snow Day!!!