Sunday, January 30, 2011

I guess our house was too quiet.... Gramps gave the kids a drum.
We don't ever have to worry about it being too quiet here again :)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Some Bunny loves you!

I finished these up yesterday.

Natalie says that they are best friends.

I gave one a scarf but Natalie did not approve.

So there they sit in her kitchen, just hanging out with the OJ :)

You can make these too...Pattern available at:

Friday, January 21, 2011

Polis Photography

Pictures by Polis Photography
taken in our home.

You can become Facebook Friends and see more great pictures at
Polis Photography or check out their website at here.

Thanks Crickett!!!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

30 Seconds with....

Judson and Natalie!

and this was one year ago :)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


He's a healthy[but dirty looking] whole grain snowman :)
We only had Christmas M&Ms so he couldn't even have an orange nose.

Growing up.

My babies are growing up :(

Nat is now in her own room. She loves all her color pink goodies in one place!

[Hey Shan, look brown and pink! :)]

Tucker now gets the bottom bunk. Russ thinks that he should be done with the {good-karma} crib soon, I think how sis that happen so quick! Judd was just about 2 and Nat was just over a year when they went into a "big-kid" bed.

How cute is this! Judd wanted to camp out with Tucker and I said yes because I was too tired to argue but I left it at if you make one peep you are in your own bed. Not a single peep from either boy. We truly are blessed with great sleepers. Perhaps that is supposed to make up for them being the pickiest eaters ever!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

"You'll shoot your eye out"

They better not!
But I do love The Christmas Story!
Maybe next year Judd will want a Red Ryder BB gun for Christmas.

Here's their target...Russ asked me to make a couple.
Did he really think that I would just draw circles on paper???

And now Judson is just a Big Boy, 4 wheelers, guns and building things....
Great Job Judson!!!
[Uncle Dent that is was your BB gun :)]

Friday, January 7, 2011

Day 6~A Bowl Full of Lemons

So I discovered  this 21 day organizing challenge over at A Bowl Full of Lemons and I am so happy I did. Since the Christmas chaos ended I have been cleanning and organizing and all that fun stuff. How neat to find out that so many others are doing the same. Today is Day 6 clean your dreser drawers, lucky for me I just went through all the kids clothes last week(it took me all day {ugghhh}but it feel great to have it all done). Yesterday I spent the day catching up on the first 5 days. I got everything done except clean the linen closet. I first need to designate a spot for just linens....hope that happens today.

In other BIG NEWS today Natalie is going to move into her own room :)
I'll let you know how it goes and of course share pictures too!

So I hope that you have a great weekend now go join the 21 day challlenge with me!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

If you were my goats....

...then you would of had your pictures taken today!
The fabulous Crickett Polis was here today and click and clicked and came up with some great shots of our goats.

Bach, Bonga and Girly Girl made great models!

You can become Facebook Friends and see more great pictures at Polis Photography or check out their website at here

Thanks Crickett!!!! 

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Popcorn Time!

The 3 little piggies have found a new favorite....popcorn!
There previous long time fav was goldfish. While goldfish are a healthy snack, popcorn with nothing on it is even better {and much cheaper!} Every afternoon they have been enjoying a big bowl of popcorn. It is so much fun to see them get so excited to watch the corn pop!

We got a beautiful cookie jar for Christmas {THANK YOU Shannon & Geoff!!}
It has became the popping corn jar ;)
Its hard to read in my picture but it says The Wohlleb Clan and there is a clover!
We love it!