Saturday, July 31, 2010

California Day 3

I'd better get this third and final trip posted from my trip to California. Yesterday I uploaded 256 more pics, that’s a good sign right there that:

a. We have been super busy
b. I’m a blogging slacker
c. I take way to many pictures.
No it could never be c, especially not with cute kids like mine ;)

Day 3

Started out with coffee and chit chat about the fun night that we all just had. I also had to get all my stuff packed up because at the end of this fun filled day I would be heading out on the red-eye back to my family.

Ahhh, Trader Joes!!! My favorite store ever, how I miss having one nearby. I picked up my favorite coffee and some chocolate covered pretzels to bring back to NY. Also some beer bread that I'm going to teach Shan to make, but that's a whole other story.

I had heard so much from Shannon about Pinkberry (frozen yogurt), so I was excited to give it a try. We had samples of the watermelon. A nice summer taste. I went with chocolate (of course) and had it topped with coconut. Yummy!!! They freshest shaved coconut that I had ever had and the raspberry that Geoff shared was also delicious and went perfectly with the chocolate. I know that I will be getting chocolate with coconut and raspberry when I go back in October, why mess with perfection :)

After taking a drive through LA our next stop was Venice Beach. I think that Veince Beach maybe one of the greatest people watching locations on the planet!

Santa Monica was our final place to visit and one of my favorites. We went to 3rd street promenade and had dinner at Barney’s Beanery. While eating outside we were able to listen and enjoy the music of some local artists including a hip hop violinist- this happens to be one of my new favorites and I just learned that there is such a thing. After dinner we walk to the pier, it was beautiful. Shan and I took a ride on the Ferris wheel, you don't get a better view than that!

And then at the end of 72 hours of great friend filled fun it was time to go home- and I was ready. As much as I feel like I’m going crazy at home I sure do love my 3 little piggyies and the big bad wolf and miss them so much when I am away from them! THANK YOU again to Shannon and Geoff for such an amazing vacation!!!!!

we went and had dinner at 3rd street promanade at Barney’s Beanery. We had some fabulous music playing during dinner and we even bought a few CD’s from the local artists.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

California Day 2

Our second day was just as busy…Shan and I started out on a “local tour”. I saw a bit of the town that Shan and Geoff now live in as well as where they used to live and where Shan grew up, including her moms house, high school, college and mall. Of course we went to her local Joanns. It’s so much larger than mine is. Since our friendship began through scrap booking and has led to many other crafty things it was really neat to see her Joanns since I had heard so much about it!

We then went to Charlotte’s house, this is where the wedding is going to be. AMAZING!!!! I cant even begin to describe it, the home {estate} is just over the top and absolutely beautiful. Just wait until you see the 10.10.10 wedding photos!

Next, we picked up Geoff and went toward Malibu, enjoying the view of Mountains and Mulholland Drive.

We stopped at a Paramount Ranch, which is the location that Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman was filmed. I now need to rewatch that show. Netflix!

A stop at the Malibu Family Winery was perfect. I loved it there. What a greatatmosphere and beautiful scenery. We tasted 3 yummy wines and relaxed for a bit. It was just perfect!

After being in the Mauibu hills for the winery it was neat that in just a couple minutes I was on the beach! I put my feet in the pacific ocean for the first time ;)

(note, TV lies! It's not always sunny and hot on the beach!) 

Next up, Shannon’s Bridal Shower! We went back to their house and got ready for the party. I had a fun time meeting their family, friends and the rest of the bridal party. The girls and I had a great time throwing the party; games, wine tasting, food from Buca and cupcakes from Sprinkles. We also got to see our bridesmaid dresses after the party. They are awesome! I really think that Shannon enjoyed being Showered with Happiness!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

California DAY ONE

Day One

Since I arrived at LAX late Thursday night we were able to get in a full day of fun on Friday. We started out driving through Bel Air, Beverly Hills, Sunset Blvd., by UCLA, and down Rodeo Dr. The roads are so cute palm trees everywhere along them just like on TV and the Beverly Hills sign was also just like on 90210!! Then we went to Hollywood Blvd to see the stars. Hollywood defiantly makes this area look fancier on TV, but I still loved it (minus the bum, he was way different, lol) We had lunch at CPK (California Pizza Kitchen), it was so yummy and made me wonder why I never went to the one in Mass. I guess that I was supposed to experience it first hand in California. I loved the HOLLYWOOD sign, it looks so pretty up in the hills! We then went to Universal City Walk. I really liked it there. Very clean, great shops and fun stuff to see. I was excited to see a Bubba Gump Restaurant even though I don’t like seafood. We enjoyed our Happy Hour at Karl Strauss, I recommend their summer ale (even though its no Sammy Summer) and there fries were yummy too! Shannon picked up some good smelling goo from LUSH so after a very busy day we had some girl time with facials and wine. I was a perfect California tourist day!

This is what happens when you kiss Shreck :)


It’s about time that I post a blog on my trip to California!

I grew up thinking that California is hot and sunny all the time. Often that is the case, but I actually fled from the hot and humid upper 90 degree NY weather to some comfortable and sometimes cool California. I loved it, it was so nice to have a break from the heat!

A {huge} THANK YOU to my hosts Shannon and her husband-to-be Geoff. I could not have asked for better hospitality or tour guides. They did a great job of making sure that I got everything out of my 72 hours in California. We were busy, but I forget how much easier it is to bounce from one thing to another when you don’t have kids in tow. We were very busy, but I never felt rushed and we even found time to sit back and relax. It was a wonderful and much needed break from my everyday routine.

Also a {huge} THANK YOU to Russ and Uncle Dent, for holding down the fort while I was away. How great are those two?!?!?! Not only did they never complain about watching the kids (all 6 if you include the goats) I came home to happy kids and a clean house. A momma can’t ask for more than that!

Where are the Care Bears?

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Too Hot for anything!

Oh boy has this been one hot week, everyday it's been in the 90s!

We've had a busy week though!
I am now the momma to a baby goat. He as born on July 1st and Natalie named him Bach (pronounced Baa-ch). He is awesome! I never of would have {ever} guessed that I like to have goats let alone give one a bottle 5 times a day! The two girls hang out in there pen all day. They have a favorite tree/bush that gives them shade. Bach likes to play and follow us around the yard.
The kids love him too!
Judd sang us a 10 minute song on how it's great to be a goat,
we have a video of it :)

This is how Tucker likes to give Bach a hug :)

Happy 4th of July!
Hope that you all had a great holiday!
We enjoyed the carnval and parade.

Also this week Judd started swimming lessons and summer day camp.
He is a busy boy and having so much fun. I was nervous that it was going to be too much for him, he seems to be doing just fine though.