Tuesday, March 16, 2010

We've been crafty.....

Both of these ideas were from other blogs that I find neat....the only problem is I have no system to remember where I found them...so I'm very sorry to not give credit where credit is due!

Tye-dye no mess style!!!
Dots on cotton fabric with permanent marker and then a few drops of rubbing alcohol helps the colors bleed together. I later rinsed them in soapy water and the colors faded just a bit but they smelled better :)

This is one of our favorite books....and a craft to follow...

So the petals on my clover rubber stamp made me think of finger paints, which led to this crafty fun time :)
That is Natalie's masterpiece!


  1. Awesome! I love the permanent marker craft- so cute!

  2. So crafty!!! I love the "no mess" style of crafts! You would THINK it would be messy- but nope!

  3. I love Jamie O'Rourke. I love pratties too. You are such a good mommy with some incredibly creative ideas to do with the kiddoes. Even if you foiund some of the ideas elsewhere.