Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ticks Bite!

On June 12th we found a deer tick on Natalie's side. It was very small and it couldn’t have been on her very long, maybe 12 hours/overnight. Dr. Runkel said to keep an eye on the bite, that it can take up to two weeks for a bullseye or lyme symptoms to appear. He did not put her on an antibiotic since the tick was not on for long, the bite spot was not irritated and there entire tick was removed. Well one week later a spot showed up on Nat's back (not where the tick bite was). I kept checking it but it looked like an irritated mosquito bite or spider bite. On Sunday morning, the spot was taking much more of a bullseye shape. Being a Sunday our drs. answering service said to call urgent care, and urgent care said to come right in. So off we went, and found out that it was a bullseye and that Natalie has lyme disease. Since her bullseye measured over 5 cm (hers was 7cm at that time) it will be reported to the state. So Natalie is on antibiotics for 3 weeks, since its the pink amoxicillin and Natalie loves everything "color pink" we have had no problems getting her to take her medicine. She is feeling good, only a bit more tired and fussy, like when she was teething. We go back to the Drs in three weeks for a follow up. This morning I was really surprised at how fast the bullseye is disappearing, you almost cant see it, so I didn’t take a picture. Here are pictures from the last few days:
Day 2:

Day 3:

Day 4:

Since using off just isn't enough, maybe we should get some of these guys. From what I hear guinea hens love ticks. Or maybe these wooden ones would just scare the ticks away!

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  1. if you can stand the guineas get them! We're totally going for next year. Dave may forget but for the amount of ticks we've seen this year I'm going to make sure we get them no matter how loud and annoying they are. I've had one on me. One fell out of nowhere onto the kitchen counter and Dave's had one on him that just latched on when we plucked it off. So yeah guineas get em. I hope the lil' lady is feeling better. With antibiotics these days and catching it as quick as you did Nat will probably be fine. Give her kisses from her Anti Kate. Love you guys!