Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Uncle Dent's Road Trip

This week Uncle Dent left for a 4,000 mile road trip. I will admit, I am completely jealous & envious of his trip. I would love to load the mini van with kids, clothes and snacks and hit the road to see the sites of our country. But seeing that my kids get beyond bored on trips over 3 hours and Natalie gets car sick, we will be at home getting ready for a busy summer of swimming lessons, lunch & learn (summer day camp) and Judd has a soccer clinic too. I can’t complain because this momma will be escaping to California for a few days (without kids!) next month. Well back to Uncle Dent’s trip….

Thomas the Train went along for the car ride. Judson is excited that Thomas is on vacation. Thomas’ picture will be taken along the way to show the kids all the neat places that he’s visiting.

We couldn’t let Uncle Dent leave without some reusable snack bags. These are my favorite thing to make right now. We won’t talk about where the fabric came from for these. It’s fitting though since Uncle Dent safely returned last month from his tour in Iraq.

Enjoy your Goldfish Uncle Dent and have a safe road trip!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Ok first off: His 4k mile road trip is awesome!
    Secondly: Those snack bags are double awesome!
    Thirdly: He's taking Thomas the train with him and taking photos- that is such an awesome Uncle thing to do for your kids!
    Fourthly: Your summer sounds like a busy one! The swim lessons should be great- dont all kids love water??