Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fair 2010

As always I take to many pictures and get to busy to blog. So family and friends I will catch up soon, the meantime. Here are some pics from the Washington County Fair, where I actually didn't take too many pics :)

Natalie checking out the "ewwww yucky yucky poo"
I love seeing the momma and her piglets at the fair every year.
Even though Tucker doesn't look it, all 3 kids were super excited to eat pancakes at the fair.

We watched the lawn mower tractor pulls. Doesn't Natalie look pretty in her shirt. It's made by

Judson found the train, no surprise there :)

Take a look at this display from the 4-H building. I am so making one of these!!!

Our Tucker was happy that there was a goat named Tucker,
seeing that our Tucker loves goats and sometimes thinks that he is one.

It was a great visit to the fair.
Oh I can't forget to mention the delicious maple ice cream!!!!
We found that noontime on a Wednesday is the perfect time, not crowed at all!


  1. Thanks for the link love! :) Great pictures... I just love pigs. Pigs are Emma's favorite.

  2. a goat named Tucker. Perfect!

  3. The 4 H farm project looks like it would be fun to make. Let me know if you need help eating it. lol

  4. Too cute! Love her new shirt!