Monday, August 30, 2010

NH-Soccer game and Myles

On the way to NH we learned that Tucker and Natalie LOVE popcorn. Judson stuck with his favorite, goldfish.

In NH, we attended the 4th Annual Mikey Williams Alumni Soccer Game. There was a large turnout for the game this year. So nice to see the love and support and to honor a great guy!!! We miss you Mikey!!!

Tucker is 4 days older than Mikayla. She started out alot smaller than him but caught right up! Good thing we don't live closer I could see these two getting in lots of trouble together ;)

Natalie and Tucker played with their first soda. I don't think that they really drank any of the soda but Natalie loved that she had something her brother wanted. Go figure!
After the game we headed over to Lyman to see some family.
Look how big (and blonde) Myles is!
Like his bib? You can get one here at Factory Free

While Grandma and Grandpa brought Judson and Natalie to the Ben & Jerry's factory, Tucker and Myles got some playtime on a very rainy day. The boys played together well and even took naps at the same time so that Jodi and I could relax ;)

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  1. Wow that Factory Free lady has got some serious talent! =)