Friday, April 1, 2011

Spring is in the air....

{I wrote this a couple days ago and never published it.....spring, yeah right! we had snow today!!!}

....just not very warm air!

We are very happy to see the snow melting. I am ready to send some kids out to play {minus the boots and snowsuits and hats and mitten....}

But spring means....

-mud(like I have never swept my floor before kinds of messes, all over)

-sinus headaches (better than shoveling snow)

-almost t-ball time and MOST importantly.......


Russ has been tilling and as I said yesterday the onions have been planted. Getting them in this early really does make a big (literately) difference!

The kids had fun with the follow project. We have a new addition to our garden prep goodies. This was a gift and its pretty neat. It has a wicking mat to keep the soil consistently moist. So cool!

The kids had a blast making the little pods grow into dirt :) And they didn’t even make a mess! Judd did squirt Russ with water once. It was funny and it just might have been my idea ;)

*Notice our spring curtins are now up. Easter colors really don't match our house, but Nat is in love!
Tucker was sneezing :)
I love how Judd sticks his tongue out when he is concentrating!

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