Thursday, July 22, 2010

California Day 2

Our second day was just as busy…Shan and I started out on a “local tour”. I saw a bit of the town that Shan and Geoff now live in as well as where they used to live and where Shan grew up, including her moms house, high school, college and mall. Of course we went to her local Joanns. It’s so much larger than mine is. Since our friendship began through scrap booking and has led to many other crafty things it was really neat to see her Joanns since I had heard so much about it!

We then went to Charlotte’s house, this is where the wedding is going to be. AMAZING!!!! I cant even begin to describe it, the home {estate} is just over the top and absolutely beautiful. Just wait until you see the 10.10.10 wedding photos!

Next, we picked up Geoff and went toward Malibu, enjoying the view of Mountains and Mulholland Drive.

We stopped at a Paramount Ranch, which is the location that Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman was filmed. I now need to rewatch that show. Netflix!

A stop at the Malibu Family Winery was perfect. I loved it there. What a greatatmosphere and beautiful scenery. We tasted 3 yummy wines and relaxed for a bit. It was just perfect!

After being in the Mauibu hills for the winery it was neat that in just a couple minutes I was on the beach! I put my feet in the pacific ocean for the first time ;)

(note, TV lies! It's not always sunny and hot on the beach!) 

Next up, Shannon’s Bridal Shower! We went back to their house and got ready for the party. I had a fun time meeting their family, friends and the rest of the bridal party. The girls and I had a great time throwing the party; games, wine tasting, food from Buca and cupcakes from Sprinkles. We also got to see our bridesmaid dresses after the party. They are awesome! I really think that Shannon enjoyed being Showered with Happiness!

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