Monday, January 3, 2011

Back to school and Special Agent Oso

Back to school...
Judd was excited to wear his new "jumping" boots
{THANK YOU Aunt Kerry!!!}
And Nat was excited to go to school with Tinkerbell hair :)
{THANK YOU Myles!!!}

Then some afternoon popcorn fun with E! 

A little nap

And Then.....

It was time to make a salad. The kids love watching Special Agent Oso. On Sunday morning Oso taught the little girl how to make a salad in 3 special steps...
{I can hear the song in my head right now}
Step 1 ~ Wash the veggies
Step 2 ~ Cut the veggies
Step 3 ~ Toss the veggies

So Mommy washed and cut and then the 3 little piggies tossed the veggies.
They loved it!
{Mommy and Daddy did too}

They loved it so much that Judson actually tried and liked a
Judson is really trying to like new foods!



  1. You've got some great 3 little piggy photos here!!!

    I cant believe how big they are all getting!