Sunday, January 2, 2011

January Thaw

40 degrees in January! I'll take it!!! and it looks like all next week is going to be nice as well :)

I had a busy morning of cleaning and laundry and made my homemade wheat bread. So good! Judson really likes it too. Lets see how long I can go without buying store sliced bread! Any guesses???

Last night Russ worked a double and he's back at work again tonight so during his 4 full hours of sleep I did my best to keep the kids happy and quite. First we went to Happy Hannaford. Grocery shopping with 3 kids on a Sunday is super fun, really you should all give it a try! No it's really not that bad. I was actually thinking today of how much easier it has gotten to take all three kids out at once by myself. We can make it through the grocery store with no crying {a big help to this part is that the bakery gives the kids a cookies and they get a piece of cheese at the deli and Tucker usually sneaks in a banana in the produce section} And since my kids are picky eaters and don’t really like much more than the snacks they just had I don’t have to deal with the "I want I want" that I see other moms hearing. I do let the kids pick out whatever shape noodle that they want in the pasta section. They get many smiles from other shoppers. It is way to cute on how excited they get to pick out pasta.

After grocery shopping was over we took a long way home and went past Willard Mountain. Judson learned that Daddy used to teach Skiing lessons to kids when he was in high school and that he is now ready to learn. Judd is very excited and decided that he want to use his Christmas money to go skiing. I think that is a great choice and that Judd and Dad will have lots of fun when they go skiing. (They are waiting for the mountain to get more snow, lots of slush out there today!)

When we got home I quickly put the cold stuff away and we headed out to play. What a perfect day to try out the new wagon the kids got for Christmas! Tucker is not a fan of the stoller, he is a much bigger fan of the wagon. He was all happy smiles until I turned around. I guess that he had a much longer walk in mind.

Back a home we had to give the snow man a face lift. He face actually feel off in the warm sunshine. Frosty does not look too impressed with the January thaw!

After that the night flew by! We got Russ off to work and I got the kids to bed early. It's back to school tomorrow. I really enjoyed the lazy mornings of their vacation. I finished reading The Cupcake Queen by Heather Hepler. It was a Christmas gift that was judged by the cover due to my love for making cupcakes. Well it turns out that the good cover belonged to a good book! It was a nice easy fun read with a happy ending :)

Hope that your weekend had a happy ending too!

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