Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Growing up.

My babies are growing up :(

Nat is now in her own room. She loves all her color pink goodies in one place!

[Hey Shan, look brown and pink! :)]

Tucker now gets the bottom bunk. Russ thinks that he should be done with the {good-karma} crib soon, I think how sis that happen so quick! Judd was just about 2 and Nat was just over a year when they went into a "big-kid" bed.

How cute is this! Judd wanted to camp out with Tucker and I said yes because I was too tired to argue but I left it at if you make one peep you are in your own bed. Not a single peep from either boy. We truly are blessed with great sleepers. Perhaps that is supposed to make up for them being the pickiest eaters ever!

1 comment:

  1. Love the colors of Nats room! Nice, pink and brown....!!!!!!! :)

    Tucker is SUPER cute sleeping like he is!
    And I LOVE Judd's PJ's!