Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011-New year!!! :)

Happy New Year!

I love the fresh new start feeling that I get from the beginning of a new year. I also get this feeling when school starts. I guess that I am lucky to have this feeling happen bi-annually :)

Resolutions, Goals and Wonder: Oh yes! Every year I set myself up with a list of all 3. They come and go throughout and at the end I hope to have grown and achieved all that I could from the past year.

2010 was a strange year for was great for family togetherness and challenging in many other ways. I am thankful for many of the things that happened throughout 2010 and much love goes to the ones that help make the year go a little smoother.

For 2011, I wish to have time slow down just a bit! To help this happen I am going to enjoy all the little moments that I can with the three little piggies and the big bad wolf. Of course this means lots of picture taking moments! I hope to find some time to blog more. I dont really journal when I scrapbook so I love to look back at my blog and be reminded of the fun things we've done.

The weather was a bit warm today so it was a perfect snowman making day. Judson was so happy that I took a picture of "frosty" so that after the snow melts then we can still remember what he looks like.
Well the picture is on the blog now so snow go ahead and melt, I'd be happy to have an early spring!

I'm not sure how this happened....when I was pregnant with Natalie I made her crib bedding in shades of purple and dressed her in lots of purple too. Well somehow all that purple didn’t soak in and Natalie became {IN LOVE WITH} PINK... but she doesn’t say pink she says "color pink" with the cutest southern accent. Not sure where the accent is from seeing that the most southern place that she’s been to is New Jersey. Anyways her love for pink is ridiculous and we will be loving every bit of it this Valentine season as we celebrate "Color Pink Day"!!!!

Oh yes! I replaced our Christmas curtains with some "color pink" ones and we will be making lots of crafts to go with them too :)
We went to Lanas baton class for a little show. It was only a couple minutes long but Nat caught on to everything the girls did and has been having her own performances using a pencil as a baton. It is really cute and she even counts as she does the moves. Daddy made Natalie her own baton so that she doent have to use a pencil anymore. Natalie loves the baton and it simply just a leftover dowel that was in the basement with some ribbons nailed to the ends. I love this picture of Tucker, he makes me think of Maggie from the Simpson’s with his thumb in his mouth and his too-long jammies. So cute!

Once again Happy New Year!!!!
I hope that everyone has a great 2011!!!


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  1. Your little princess is adorable!!!

    I think 2011 will be a whole lot slower!!!